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The best dental experience I have had in Santa Rosa. Exceptional care!

Anita P.                    
-Santa Rosa, CA                         
I choose Dr. Wong based on his yelp reviews and I couldn't have been happier.   Dr. Wong is a very honest and nice guy.  He doesn't judge you for how often you have gone in the dentist in the past - he's just happy you came to his office!

I was nervous when I went to his office (the last time I had went was a few years before and I was ripped off by the dentist - said they took my insurance and then didn't take it in the end costing me a lot of $$).  I have to say I was shocked that everything that was done he made sure was covered by my insurance so I didn't incurr any other charges.

Sally E.                     
-San Francisco, CA          
Dave Wong is the nicest, least judgmental dentist ever.  No hand-slapping or condescending talk about failing to floss 19 times a day.  My friend also went to Dave and said he's the first dentist that didn't harp on him for smoking.  

Dave is a bit of a talker, making what would be a 15 minute appointment closer to 30 minutes... but he's so gentle and friendly, it doesn't even matter.  At least he tells good stories, so you forget that you have your mouth gaping open in front of a stranger.  Since finding Dave, never once have I dreaded my biannual dentist visit!


Lucky E.            
-Oakland, CA                  

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